HealthStats NSW

CHAPTER 1: Life expectancy and child mortality

1.1 Life expectancy at birth

1.2 Infant and child mortality

Perinatal death

Infant death

Death in children 0-4 years

1.3 Death rates and causes of death

Death rates

Causes of death

1.4 Age at death

1.5 Potentially avoidable and premature deaths

CHAPTER 2: Health of mothers, babies and children

2.1 Attendance at antenatal care

2.2 Smoking during pregnancy

2.3 Low birth-weight babies

2.4 Preterm babies

2.5 Hospitalisations in children

2.6 Oral health in children

2.7 Ear health in children

CHAPTER 3: Risk and protective factors for health

3.1 Social determinants

3.2 Environmental factors

Housing for health

Living in a smoke-free home

3.3 Risk and protective health factors


Smoking attributable hospitalisations

Alcohol use

Alcohol attributable hospitalisations

Overweight and obesity

Levels of physical activity

Fruit and vegetable intake

Breast cancer screening

Adult vaccination rates

CHAPTER 4: Burden of ill-health

4.1 Chronic disease

Hospitalisation rates

Causes of hospitalisation

Diabetes hospitalisation rates

Diabetes prevalence

Cardiovascular disease hospitalisations

Stroke hospitalisations

High blood pressure

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease hospitalisations (COPD, that is emhysema and other conditions)

Asthma prevalence

Chronic kidney disease hospitalisations

Dialysis for end-stage renal disease

4.2 Communicable disease

Influenza and pneumonia hospitalisations

4.3 Social and emotional wellbeing

Psychological distress prevalence

Self-harm hospitalisations

4.4 Injury and poisoning

4.5 Cancer

4.6 Oral health

CHAPTER 5: Health service delivery

5.1 Hospital admissions

Potentially preventable hospitalisations

Potentially preventable hospitalisations by Local Health Districts

5.2 Access to health services and procedures

5.3 Emergency Departments

5.4 Mothers and babies

Antenatal care by Local Health Districts

Smoking in pregnancy by Local Health Districts

Low birth weight by Local Health Districts

5.5 Reporting of Aboriginal people in NSW Health data

5.6 Workforce

Appendix 1. Methods

1.1 Data sources

1.2 Statistical methods

1.3 Data limitations