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Temperature-related problems, presentations in emergency departments

  • NSW, trend
  • by sex, trend
  • by age, trend
  • by triage category, trend
  • by admission status, trend
Maximum temperature, Nov-18
25.6Maximum temperature, Oct-18
23.1Maximum temperature, Sep-18
21.8Maximum temperature, Aug-18
19.2Maximum temperature, Jul-18
19.9Maximum temperature, Jun-18
17.9Maximum temperature, May-18
22.3Maximum temperature, Apr-18
27.1Maximum temperature, Mar-18
27.5Maximum temperature, Feb-18
29.2Maximum temperature, Jan-18
31.3Maximum temperature, Dec-17
30.8Maximum temperature, Nov-17
24.9Maximum temperature, Oct-17
25.4Maximum temperature, Sep-17
23.9Maximum temperature, Aug-17
19.4Maximum temperature, Jul-17
18.8Maximum temperature, Jun-17
17.9Maximum temperature, May-17
21.2Maximum temperature, Apr-17
23.6Maximum temperature, Mar-17
26Maximum temperature, Feb-17
30.2Maximum temperature, Jan-17
31.7Maximum temperature, Dec-16
29.9Maximum temperature, Nov-16
27.8Maximum temperature, Oct-16
24.3Maximum temperature, Sep-16
21.4Maximum temperature, Aug-16
18.9Maximum temperature, Jul-16
18.3Maximum temperature, Jun-16
18.6Maximum temperature, May-16
23.3Maximum temperature, Apr-16
25.3Maximum temperature, Mar-16
28Maximum temperature, Feb-16
29.3Maximum temperature, Jan-16
28Maximum temperature, Dec-15
28Maximum temperature, Nov-15
26.9Maximum temperature, Oct-15
26.4Maximum temperature, Sep-15
21Maximum temperature, Aug-15
19.2Maximum temperature, Jul-15
16.8Maximum temperature, Jun-15
18Maximum temperature, May-15
20.3Maximum temperature, Apr-15
22.5Maximum temperature, Mar-15
27Maximum temperature, Feb-15
27.4Maximum temperature, Jan-15
28.6Maximum temperature, Dec-14
27.5Maximum temperature, Nov-14
27.5Maximum temperature, Oct-14
25.9Maximum temperature, Sep-14
21.9Maximum temperature, Aug-14
18Maximum temperature, Jul-14
18.7Maximum temperature, Jun-14
18.9Maximum temperature, May-14
22.6Maximum temperature, Apr-14
23.9Maximum temperature, Mar-14
26.7Maximum temperature, Feb-14
27.5Maximum temperature, Jan-14
29Maximum temperature, Dec-13
28.3Maximum temperature, Nov-13
25.6Maximum temperature, Oct-13
27Maximum temperature, Sep-13
25.2Maximum temperature, Aug-13
20.9Maximum temperature, Jul-13
18.8Maximum temperature, Jun-13
17.6Maximum temperature, May-13
20.7Maximum temperature, Apr-13
23.8Maximum temperature, Mar-13
26.8Maximum temperature, Feb-13
26.9Maximum temperature, Jan-13
29.7Maximum temperature, Dec-12
28Maximum temperature, Nov-12
25.7Maximum temperature, Oct-12
24.3Maximum temperature, Sep-12
23Maximum temperature, Aug-12
19.5Maximum temperature, Jul-12
17.3Maximum temperature, Jun-12
17.1Maximum temperature, May-12
20.4Maximum temperature, Apr-12
23.5Maximum temperature, Mar-12
24.9Maximum temperature, Feb-12
26Maximum temperature, Jan-12
26.7Maximum temperature, Dec-11
22.9Maximum temperature, Nov-11
26.9Maximum temperature, Oct-11
22.7Maximum temperature, Sep-11
22Maximum temperature, Aug-11
19.6Maximum temperature, Jul-11
16.7Maximum temperature, Jun-11
17.6Maximum temperature, May-11
19.4Maximum temperature, Apr-11
22.2Maximum temperature, Mar-11
26.8Maximum temperature, Feb-11
30.1Maximum temperature, Jan-11
29.2Maximum temperature, Dec-10
27.1Maximum temperature, Nov-10
25Maximum temperature, Oct-10
22.7Maximum temperature, Sep-10
21.7Maximum temperature, Aug-10
18.4Maximum temperature, Jul-10
17Maximum temperature, Jun-10
17.8Maximum temperature, May-10
20.6Maximum temperature, Apr-10
24.7Maximum temperature, Mar-10
27Maximum temperature, Feb-10
29.1Maximum temperature, Jan-10
30Maximum temperature, Dec-09
28.2Maximum temperature, Nov-09
28.6Maximum temperature, Oct-09
22.3Maximum temperature, Sep-09
23.8Maximum temperature, Aug-09
21.7Maximum temperature, Jul-09
18.1Maximum temperature, Jun-09
17.8Maximum temperature, May-09
20.6Maximum temperature, Apr-09
22.9Maximum temperature, Mar-09
26.8Maximum temperature, Feb-09
27.8Maximum temperature, Jan-09
31.3Maximum temperature, Dec-08
27.8Maximum temperature, Nov-08
24.6Maximum temperature, Oct-08
24.6Maximum temperature, Sep-08
22.3Maximum temperature, Aug-08
17.8Maximum temperature, Jul-08
17.4Maximum temperature, Jun-08
18.5Maximum temperature, May-08
20.7Maximum temperature, Apr-08
21.4Maximum temperature, Mar-08
26.2Maximum temperature, Feb-08
24.9Maximum temperature, Jan-08
27.5Minimum temperature, Nov-18
14.5Minimum temperature, Oct-18
12.7Minimum temperature, Sep-18
8.2Minimum temperature, Aug-18
6.9Minimum temperature, Jul-18
5.4Minimum temperature, Jun-18
7.3Minimum temperature, May-18
8.8Minimum temperature, Apr-18
15Minimum temperature, Mar-18
17Minimum temperature, Feb-18
17.2Minimum temperature, Jan-18
17.9Minimum temperature, Dec-17
17.5Minimum temperature, Nov-17
13.1Minimum temperature, Oct-17
12.8Minimum temperature, Sep-17
8.6Minimum temperature, Aug-17
6.4Minimum temperature, Jul-17
4.9Minimum temperature, Jun-17
7.9Minimum temperature, May-17
9.1Minimum temperature, Apr-17
11.9Minimum temperature, Mar-17
18.1Minimum temperature, Feb-17
19.1Minimum temperature, Jan-17
20Minimum temperature, Dec-16
18.2Minimum temperature, Nov-16
14.9Minimum temperature, Oct-16
12.1Minimum temperature, Sep-16
10.5Minimum temperature, Aug-16
7.1Minimum temperature, Jul-16
8.3Minimum temperature, Jun-16
9Minimum temperature, May-16
10.1Minimum temperature, Apr-16
14.3Minimum temperature, Mar-16
17.1Minimum temperature, Feb-16
18.4Minimum temperature, Jan-16
17.9Minimum temperature, Dec-15
16.2Minimum temperature, Nov-15
15.9Minimum temperature, Oct-15
14.6Minimum temperature, Sep-15
9.3Minimum temperature, Aug-15
6.7Minimum temperature, Jul-15
5.5Minimum temperature, Jun-15
7.6Minimum temperature, May-15
9.8Minimum temperature, Apr-15
13.1Minimum temperature, Mar-15
15.6Minimum temperature, Feb-15
17.5Minimum temperature, Jan-15
18.8Minimum temperature, Dec-14
17.4Minimum temperature, Nov-14
15.2Minimum temperature, Oct-14
12.1Minimum temperature, Sep-14
9.8Minimum temperature, Aug-14
7Minimum temperature, Jul-14
6.3Minimum temperature, Jun-14
8.5Minimum temperature, May-14
10.2Minimum temperature, Apr-14
13.8Minimum temperature, Mar-14
16.4Minimum temperature, Feb-14
17.8Minimum temperature, Jan-14
17Minimum temperature, Dec-13
16.4Minimum temperature, Nov-13
14.3Minimum temperature, Oct-13
11.9Minimum temperature, Sep-13
11.2Minimum temperature, Aug-13
7.9Minimum temperature, Jul-13
7.2Minimum temperature, Jun-13
8.7Minimum temperature, May-13
8.9Minimum temperature, Apr-13
12Minimum temperature, Mar-13
15.6Minimum temperature, Feb-13
17Minimum temperature, Jan-13
18.3Minimum temperature, Dec-12
16.6Minimum temperature, Nov-12
14.3Minimum temperature, Oct-12
10.8Minimum temperature, Sep-12
8.6Minimum temperature, Aug-12
6.5Minimum temperature, Jul-12
6.3Minimum temperature, Jun-12
7.5Minimum temperature, May-12
7.8Minimum temperature, Apr-12
13.1Minimum temperature, Mar-12
15.4Minimum temperature, Feb-12
17.1Minimum temperature, Jan-12
17.4Minimum temperature, Dec-11
14.6Minimum temperature, Nov-11
16Minimum temperature, Oct-11
11.7Minimum temperature, Sep-11
9.8Minimum temperature, Aug-11
7.7Minimum temperature, Jul-11
6.3Minimum temperature, Jun-11
7.6Minimum temperature, May-11
8.4Minimum temperature, Apr-11
12.1Minimum temperature, Mar-11
16.7Minimum temperature, Feb-11
19.1Minimum temperature, Jan-11
18.9Minimum temperature, Dec-10
16.6Minimum temperature, Nov-10
15Minimum temperature, Oct-10
12.2Minimum temperature, Sep-10
9.1Minimum temperature, Aug-10
6.8Minimum temperature, Jul-10
6.9Minimum temperature, Jun-10
7Minimum temperature, May-10
9.7Minimum temperature, Apr-10
13.1Minimum temperature, Mar-10
16.4Minimum temperature, Feb-10
18.8Minimum temperature, Jan-10
19.1Minimum temperature, Dec-09
17.2Minimum temperature, Nov-09
16.5Minimum temperature, Oct-09
12Minimum temperature, Sep-09
10.7Minimum temperature, Aug-09
7.9Minimum temperature, Jul-09
6.9Minimum temperature, Jun-09
8.1Minimum temperature, May-09
10.2Minimum temperature, Apr-09
13.8Minimum temperature, Mar-09
16.2Minimum temperature, Feb-09
18.2Minimum temperature, Jan-09
17.7Minimum temperature, Dec-08
16.3Minimum temperature, Nov-08
14.8Minimum temperature, Oct-08
12.6Minimum temperature, Sep-08
9.4Minimum temperature, Aug-08
5.5Minimum temperature, Jul-08
5.4Minimum temperature, Jun-08
9.5Minimum temperature, May-08
8.5Minimum temperature, Apr-08
11.5Minimum temperature, Mar-08
14.5Minimum temperature, Feb-08
16.5Minimum temperature, Jan-08
18.3ED presentations, Nov-18
48ED presentations, Oct-18
13ED presentations, Sep-18
8ED presentations, Aug-18
15ED presentations, Jul-18
7ED presentations, Jun-18
6ED presentations, May-18
11ED presentations, Apr-18
33ED presentations, Mar-18
42ED presentations, Feb-18
44ED presentations, Jan-18
141ED presentations, Dec-17
126ED presentations, Nov-17
25ED presentations, Oct-17
29ED presentations, Sep-17
24ED presentations, Aug-17
15ED presentations, Jul-17
13ED presentations, Jun-17
6ED presentations, May-17
4ED presentations, Apr-17
14ED presentations, Mar-17
19ED presentations, Feb-17
150ED presentations, Jan-17
195ED presentations, Dec-16
110ED presentations, Nov-16
50ED presentations, Oct-16
20ED presentations, Sep-16
10ED presentations, Aug-16
13ED presentations, Jul-16
5ED presentations, Jun-16
4ED presentations, May-16
10ED presentations, Apr-16
21ED presentations, Mar-16
41ED presentations, Feb-16
80ED presentations, Jan-16
94ED presentations, Dec-15
66ED presentations, Nov-15
78ED presentations, Oct-15
50ED presentations, Sep-15
17ED presentations, Aug-15
16ED presentations, Jul-15
13ED presentations, Jun-15
6ED presentations, May-15
13ED presentations, Apr-15
14ED presentations, Mar-15
33ED presentations, Feb-15
33ED presentations, Jan-15
73ED presentations, Dec-14
35ED presentations, Nov-14
87ED presentations, Oct-14
42ED presentations, Sep-14
17ED presentations, Aug-14
12ED presentations, Jul-14
5ED presentations, Jun-14
13ED presentations, May-14
10ED presentations, Apr-14
6ED presentations, Mar-14
18ED presentations, Feb-14
29ED presentations, Jan-14
69ED presentations, Dec-13
71ED presentations, Nov-13
42ED presentations, Oct-13
43ED presentations, Sep-13
27ED presentations, Aug-13
14ED presentations, Jul-13
8ED presentations, Jun-13
9ED presentations, May-13
11ED presentations, Apr-13
15ED presentations, Mar-13
32ED presentations, Feb-13
12ED presentations, Jan-13
155ED presentations, Dec-12
53ED presentations, Nov-12
53ED presentations, Oct-12
33ED presentations, Sep-12
29ED presentations, Aug-12
14ED presentations, Jul-12
8ED presentations, Jun-12
7ED presentations, May-12
13ED presentations, Apr-12
10ED presentations, Mar-12
18ED presentations, Feb-12
27ED presentations, Jan-12
44ED presentations, Dec-11
17ED presentations, Nov-11
65ED presentations, Oct-11
21ED presentations, Sep-11
29ED presentations, Aug-11
11ED presentations, Jul-11
7ED presentations, Jun-11
14ED presentations, May-11
7ED presentations, Apr-11
20ED presentations, Mar-11
19ED presentations, Feb-11
128ED presentations, Jan-11
71ED presentations, Dec-10
52ED presentations, Nov-10
35ED presentations, Oct-10
21ED presentations, Sep-10
11ED presentations, Aug-10
12ED presentations, Jul-10
8ED presentations, Jun-10
3ED presentations, May-10
9ED presentations, Apr-10
12ED presentations, Mar-10
25ED presentations, Feb-10
40ED presentations, Jan-10
98ED presentations, Dec-09
57ED presentations, Nov-09
109ED presentations, Oct-09
14ED presentations, Sep-09
41ED presentations, Aug-09
20ED presentations, Jul-09
10ED presentations, Jun-09
9ED presentations, May-09
7ED presentations, Apr-09
8ED presentations, Mar-09
14ED presentations, Feb-09
61ED presentations, Jan-09
122ED presentations, Dec-08
56ED presentations, Nov-08
34ED presentations, Oct-08
50ED presentations, Sep-08
49ED presentations, Aug-08
16ED presentations, Jul-08
10ED presentations, Jun-08
14ED presentations, May-08
12ED presentations, Apr-08
9ED presentations, Mar-08
35ED presentations, Feb-08
21ED presentations, Jan-08
  • + Source

    NSW Emergency Department Records for Epidemiology (SAPHaRI). Centre for Epidemiology and Evidence, NSW Ministry of Health.

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, Climate Data Online, Parramatta North Station.

  • + Notes

    Emergency department (ED) presentations for temperature-related problems are selected using the following definition:

      Unplanned ED presentations;

      To public hospitals that continuously participated in EDRE between 2007-08 and 2017-18 and that have a reasonably complete diagnosis field;

      By persons of all ages;

      Where the provisional diagnosis was assigned a temperature-related problem ICD-9, ICD-10 or SNOMED-CT code (as summarised in the Codes tab).

      Data from 86 NSW public hospital EDs meet this definition and accounted for approximately 87% of all NSW ED (planned and unplanned) activity in the 2017-18 financial year. The data used to produce this report is subject to change from day to day due to data updates at the source ED

      This indicator is a measure of ED presentations that are specificly temperature-related. It does not include presentations where temperature is a contributing factor but is not reflected in the provisional diagnosis. The impact of extremely hot or cold periods can also be seen in total unplanned emergency department presentations.

      Given that not all emergency departments are included in the data, the number of presentations is an underestimate of the actual number in NSW. However, the trend over time in presentations does reflect the actual trend for the emergency departments included in the data.

      The under-estimation differs by geographical area, which precludes analysis by Local Health District, Primary Health Network, Local Government Area and remoteness from service centres. 

      Data refer to all presentations to the included EDs regardless of patients' district or state of residence.

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  • + Methods
  • + Codes
    • Codes: Temperature-related problems, presentations in emergency departments

      Depending on the information system used in the emergency department at a point in time, the diagnosis of temperature-related problems is recorded according to one of three classification systems: the International Classification of Diseases, 9th revision (ICD-9), the International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th revision (ICD-10) or the Systematised Nomenclature of Medicine — Clinical Terms (SNOMED-CT).

      Heat-related problems:

      992, E900.0

      T67, X30

      12979003, 16209006, 18615009, 212937007, 212938002, 212939005, 212941006, 212942004, 212943009, 213711005, 221628008, 221629000, 221630005, 221631009, 221632002, 221633007, 221634001, 221635000, 221636004, 221637008, 221638003, 241971009, 269276002, 269277006, 52072009, 55017000, 76149006, 87108006, 8824003, 89797005, 95868006


      Cold-related problems:

      991.6, E901.0

      T68, W93, X31

      161052004, 164302002, 212916004, 217602000, 217603005, 217604004, 217611000, 217612007, 217613002, 219167003, 219358009, 221266001, 221267005, 221268000, 221269008, 221271008, 221272001, 221273006, 221274000, 221275004, 221276003, 221277007, 221639006, 221640008, 221641007, 221642000, 221643005, 221644004, 221645003, 221646002, 221647006, 221648001, 221649009, 230798006, 241969009, 241970005, 242565006, 274307008, 3051004, 386689009, 54505002, 56271007, 83966006

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  • + Associated Information
    • Key points: The environment

      • Human health is inextricably linked to the environment.

      • The main contributors to air pollution in cities are industry, motor vehicles and wood-burning heaters.

      • A range of indicators of the quality of drinking water, and water for recreational use, are monitored continuously. The majority of households in NSW use public water supplies.

      • Recent testing of drinking water indicates that drinking water supplied by the Sydney and Hunter Water Corporations meets Drinking Water Guidelines and is of good quality.

      • Overall compliance rate for rural water supplies is high, but results from individual supplies vary substantially:

      • Leaded petrol has been the main source of lead exposure for most NSW children, except those living near major sites for lead mining. In recent years blood lead levels among preschool children living in Broken Hill, an area with lead mining, have declined steadily.

      • The Housing for Health program aims to assess, repair, and replace health hardware in Aboriginal residences. Surveys conducted on houses 6-12 months apart identified major improvements in key areas of safety, and facilities such as working showers and laundries, as a result of the program which has been running in NSW since 1997.

      • In 2010, NSW Health published an evaluation of the program that assessed health outcomes from 1998 to 2008. This evaluation, Closing the Gap: 10 Years of Housing for Health in NSW, provides evidence of a 40% reduction in hospitalisation with infectious diseases among residents of houses that received Housing for Health, compared to the rest of the rural NSW Aboriginal population.

    • Introduction: The environment

      Natural and built environment

      Factors in the natural and built environment have direct and indirect effects on human health which can be immediate or long-term. In rural areas issues as diverse as land use, agricultural practice, water quality and biodiversity all affect human health. People in urban and built environments are affected by air and water quality, transport choice, urban form and environmental health infrastructure.

      Population growth and climate change

      The effects on human health of global phenomena such as population growth and climate change are also recognised at a local level. Potential health impacts include direct (e.g. increasing number of heatwaves and air pollution from bushfires) and indirect (increases in food- and water-borne diseases, increasing prevalence of mosquito-borne diseases from changes to natural ecological systems).

    • Interventions: The environment

      Responding to the large-scale environmental change, the 2008 Public Health Congress called on “all key stakeholders to invest in sustainable policies, actions and infrastructure to address the determinants of health”, including the environmental factors leading to climate change.

      Responsibility for the management of environmental health hazards is deployed across three tiers of government. The Commonwealth and States work cooperatively to set environmental standards for drinking water and air quality. In NSW, the NSW Enviromental Protection Authority has carriage of legislation governing controls on air and water quality, chemical hazards, and contaminated land. The NSW Ministry of Health has responsibilities in relation to drinking water, and a variety of infectious hazards linked to premises including Legionella in public air conditioning systems, tattooing and the funeral industry.

      The NSW Ministry of Health, Public Health Units in Local Health Districts, and local government manage these hazards in partnership. The NSW Ministry of Health also manages statewide programs such as the Aboriginal Environmental Health Program, the NSW Drinking Water Monitoring Program and the Arboviral Disease Program.

    • For more information: The environment

      Useful websites include:

      Australian Government Department of the Environment at

      NSW Health at

      NSW Office of Environment and Heritage at

      Department of Primary Industries Water at

      Australian Bureau of Statistics at

      Australian Institute of Health and Welfare at

      healthdirect at

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