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    Drug misuse and health implications

    Drug misuse encapsulates illicit substance use, misuse of pharmaceutical medications including paracetamol, codeine, and over-the-counter opioids, as well as the misuse of household substances such as inhaling common household aerosols.

    Drug misuse can impact on both mental and physical health and may lead to long-term health implications, including death.

    Illicit drugs include opioids (such as heroin); cannabinoids (such as cannabis or marijuana and hashish); sedatives or hypnotics such as GHB (gamma hydroxybutryate); and stimulants such as cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamine and ecstasy (MDMA or methylenedioxy methamphetamine).

    Drug misuse interventions

    NSW delivers an integrated care system to ensure that individuals have access to a full spectrum of services from prevention/harm minimisation to acute care and general health services through to specialist public services and the non-government sector. Drug and alcohol treatment is provided by specialist doctors, nurses and allied health staff in both general health and specialist treatment settings. Drug and alcohol treatment services in NSW will typically accept any individual with problematic substance use regardless of their primary drug of concern.

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